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Case Study 1: Bus Interchanges – Annan & Moffat

MCL formed a variety of bus parking bays and bus stop areas within the busy thoroughfares at Annan and Moffat. The works required a well-defined traffic management and close liaison with the local authorities and bus companies to minimise any.

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Case Study 2 Image

Case Study 2: Streetscape Works Bank Street, Dumfries

MCL constructed new footpaths, with cycle and pedestrian facilities and re-arrangement of car park entrance. MCL also undertook formation of a Toucan Crossing, street lighting and associated ducting alongside specialist high spec paving installation.

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Case Study 3 Image

Case Study 3: Park & Ride Facilities, Dumfries

MCL constructed two Park & Ride facilities within an urban setting and in an area zoned for leisure and sports in Dumfries. Sites were built so there was no risk to the general public.

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Case Study 4: A709 Road Planning, Surfacing & Repairs

MCL carried out extensive resurfacing works, road planing and repairs along the A709 between Dumfries and Lochmaben.

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Case Study 5 Image

Case Study 5: Streetscape Development, Dumfries Railway Station

MCL constructed new footpaths, bus terminals and roadways in the busy thoroughfare around the main access to the railway station at Dumfries. These works were phased to minimise the disruption to passenger service.

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Case Study 6 Image

Case Study 6: Urban Roadworks & Signing

MCL successfully carried out the alterations at Lovers Walk/Newall Terrace junction. MCL also constructed lengths of a new one way systems operation and new areas of footway at Burns Street and Brooms Road car parks. These works included road signage and services diversions.

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